The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere

By Jared Hernandez, Staff Writer

I think I’ve been crying since the mid-season finale. And the tears definitely did not stop as The Walking Dead returned with the mid-season premiere of season five. The first part of season five ended on a not so happy note. With Beth dying, Walking Dead fans had to wait 2 long months to see what the future of the show held. And that not so happy note continued to play.

Noah insisted on returning to the place in which his family took refuge, only to find what was once his home, was now a ghost town. As Tyrese and Noah searched his old house, Tyrese got distracted for a split second, resulting in him getting bit. We’ve seen main characters die, it’s what makes this show so good. There’s not always a happy ending. But it sucks. It sucks being drawn into a show, and weirdly drawn close to the people in it, only to see them die. Fictionally, I’m talking. But it feels real. I mean, you binge watch these shows. You eagerly wait for the one day a week that it comes on and when it’s on, nothing else really matters. You fall in love with the characters. But although one of our favorites died in this episode, they let him go in such a peaceful way.

The mid-season premier showed a different side of death. While Tyrese laid in Noah’s old room, bleeding from the bite, he was visited by past main characters that have passed. Both good and bad, characters from the past seasons all had something to say to him. And it’s what Beth said to Tyrese that brought light into the dark world they live in – “It’s gonna be alright.”

Yes, once you die in The Walking Dead world, you become a flesh-fiening zombie. But it’s not you. It’s the disease. Tyrese is not that flesh-fiening zombie. Tyrese’s soul is now resting with the rest of the characters that have passed. And somehow, that’s peaceful. The last two episodes of the Walking Dead have been sad, to say the least. But seeing the good in the bad, disgusting, flesh-fiening side of this show, has made it that much more worth watching.