Team Black Out defeats Team Bold and Beautiful

Team Black Out proudly displays their winning trophy for the first Powder Puff match in Longhorn history. The team won 14-6 against their opponent, Team Bold and Beautiful. In the back row, from left to right, Karson Land, Russel Orhii, Cruz, Brian Blunt, Alima Bangura, and Joseph Wilson. In the middle, captain Brennan Flannery, Jennifer Hopkins, Gabby Reddal, and Jah-Nii Munoz. In the front row, Kirsty Land, Aimi Asowata, Naomi Romero, Dominique Edwards, Aaliyah Brown, Thelma Ekezie and Krystal Garcia. Team coaches not shown in the photo are Alex Thomas, Joshua Okonye, and Alex Everett. Photo by Arturo Compean

On Thursday, April 12, George Ranch held its inaugural powder puff football match with team Black Out against team Bold and Beautiful. Although the traditional match is set to have seniors versus juniors, our junior class battled one another.
Junior Maddie Marlow preluded the match with the singing of the national anthem. With the end of the song came joyous uproars from the stands as the first powder puff game in longhorn history commenced.
Both teams underwent hard preparation before the game to claim the title of powder puff champ. Team Black Out held hour and half long practices after school with coaches Alex Thomas, Josh Okonye, and Russel Orhii along with the leadership of their team captain Brennan Flannery. Team Bold and Beautiful held two hour practices after school with coaches Chris Greer, Zach Flessner, and Jeremy Gray, along with the leadership of their team captain Brandee Andrews.
Both teams played hard, with some tumbles and falls in each team. After 30 minutes of continuous playing, George Ranch’s very own “cheerleaders” stormed the field for a unique half-time performance.
The cheerleaders had their own dance off. The top two contestants for best dancer were Matt Herrera and James Griffiths. Griffiths came out on top as the game’s best dancer. The cheerleaders had other frivolities to keep the crowd pumped, such as the usual cheers, the random dancing, and even leap frog.
“The most embarrassing part of the night was when we played leap frog,” cheerleader Herrera said. “I definitely want to do it next year.”

The powder puff cheerleaders give their proudest duck face for the evening. From left to right, Thomas Donahue , James Griffiths, Chris Greer, Sydney Minor, Matt Herrera, Graham Levine, Morgan Turner, Philip Garza, and Nathaniel Randle. Not photographed, Austin Burden. Cheerleader Griffiths took home the award for best cheerleader dancing during the half-time dance off between himself and fellow cheerleader Matt Herrera. Photo by Arturo Compean

Once the half time performance ended, the game resumed. After another thirty minutes of rushing plays, passes and runs, the game ended with the score 14 to 6, with Team Black Out taking the title of power puff champ.
Team Bold and Beautiful member Brandi Weaver was saddened by the loss but remained thrilled for next year.
“I don’t know if everyone on the team is going to compete again,” said Weaver, “but I definitely am!”