The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

By Jordan Bradley, Staff Writer

The first American, supernatural thriller/horror film of 2015 directed by David Gelb, and it was incredible. The film stars Mark Duplass as Frank, a medical researcher, and Olivia Wilde as Zoe, playing his fiance. They, and the rest of their team, along with a young girl attempting to document the research of Frank and Zoe, do the unimaginable and revive the dead.

The entire film takes place all inside their lab over about a two day span. In the beginning they revive an adorable dog using this serum the team has created to stimulate brain cells. When the dog awakens he is in a panic, but soon they calm him down. As the hours pass the dog’s behavior begins to get suspicious; he refuses to eat or drink and he can get out of his cage, sneak around and disappear.

They decide to put him in an MRI and discover that the serum, which was supposed to be gone from him within a few hours, is still in his bloodstream, causing his brain to be active all at once.

One of the team members, Niko, played by Childish Gambino look-a-like, Donald Glover, explains to the film maker girl, Eva, played by Sarah Bloger, that it is true that we only use 10% of our brain. But the myth about it is that we don’t know what the other 90% is, that is a lie. When the dog was in the MIR  he was using all of his brain at once. Which is very spooky.

The next day, the State Police come to their lab and take almost all of their equipment and serum. We then discover that Zoe protected a small amount of the serum on her person while the raid was happening. The team decides to come in that night and re-conduct the experiment with another dog. While doing this, Zoe is the one who pulls the lever and she forgets to take off her engagement ring that Frank gave her. She is immediately electrocuted and killed instantly.

Frank goes into a panic and puts her on the table where the still dead second dog was laying. The crew tries to stop him from what he is wanted to do, but he eventually convinces them all to help him. They do the experiment twice on Zoe with no reaction from her. Franks wants to try it again but Niko decides to check the cameras and they notice that the guard has moved from his chair and they all hide.

When the coast is clear they look over at Zoe and she is sitting straight up on the table with a white cloth Frank put over her still on her head (and of course a very loud, scary noise happens as soon as the camera pans to her). She looks absolutely terrified and scared, as if she had seen a ghost. She is aware she was previously dead and has come back to life. Things seem normal at first and Frank tries very hard to let her know everything is okay. But strange things begin to happen with Zoe that she doesn’t even notice herself until later.

You’ll have to go see the movie to see what happens next. But trust me on this, the ending makes the entire movie worth seeing. You will think one thing is happening and that the movie is about to end, but the whole thing completely switches on you; you will not see it coming at all.

The entire film was shot just within the lab, so its clear that it was very cheap to make and Gelb did such an incredible job. The way the movie is filmed is extremely pleasing to the eye.

The fact that the movie is PG-13 and it was as good as it was, was even more impressive. They didn’t need gore or sex scenes to make the movie successful.

So great job David Gelb, keep doing your thing. And you too Mark Duplass, but you probably already knew that.