9 Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram

By Julia Nguyen, Staff Writer

agramIt seems these days we’re all just people with smartphones trying to soak up anything and everything that entices our senses. Our typical go-to’s are usually social networking platforms, and the funny thing about them is that we often market social media on social media. For instance, The Wrangler would like to introduce a handful of Instagram accounts that appeal to our sense of color and composition — ranging from different forms of art to a myriad of dreamy landscapes — so keep your phones within your reach and prepare to hit follow.


photos via: @katelouisepowell

Powell’s strong sense of voice and style is a great combination that’s really expressed in her art. Her ideas and thoughts are engaging and interesting to ponder. She shares her current projects, from commissions to her lemon project to exploring narcissism. While her approach to various concepts are unique and creative, they come from a perspective that her audience can easily relate to.


photos via: @jaerojo

Fellow longhorn, Jared Hernandez, updates regularly with a variety of student life and familiar sights in Houston and Sugar Land throughout his feed. He incorporates his hobbies and day-to-day experiences that give a feeling of adolescence and youth. His interest and ambition for photography and ever-improving skills are definitely awe-inspiring, which is more than fine by us.


photos via: @misterflopatrick

If you’ve ever wanted to know what if felt like to walk the streets of Europe, this is the account to follow. At the young age of 15, Florian successfully captures locations and architecture that we don’t get to see in Texas. From Budapest to Vienna, his pictures remain consistent through and through, utilizing white space to accentuate the subjects he decides to focus on.


photos via: @kevinruss

The breathtaking scenery that scatter throughout Russ’s account is based around his nomadic lifestyle. His journey across America truly inspires wanderlust and a sense of adventure in all of his followers. Knowing Russ is equipped with only an iPhone, it encourages people to take more snaps knowing they have the same potential to take pictures as jaw-dropping as his. As the inspiration of the “russ” Afterlight filter, he captures diverse landscapes and sights that give us a serious case of cabin fever.


photos via: @kaileythompson

After scrolling through former GR longhorn (and Newspaper staff member!), Kailey Thompson’s feed, it was her minimalist style and charming captions that really captivated us (and left us feeling calm and collected). Thompson’s likable attitude, visually appealing hobbies, and love of travelling makes her a total cool girl in our book. By the way, her hashtag “#addythewestie” is a must-see for all of you who need a dose of cuteness overload.


photos via: @little_wifey

We love Johnson’s creative mind for putting together clippings that make up some imaginative, albeit brilliant scenes. Her playful approach to all things nature gives us a real incentive to get out there and see things for how they aren’t (think abstract). Her account makes us think she’s the easy-going-yet-adventure-seeking type, which is refreshing to see among more concentrated photos (which isn’t bad at all!).


photos via: @mmitchelldaviss

Youtuber Mitchell Davis’s sharp eye is evident well throughout his feed, with scenery and textures we wouldn’t normally think to take a photo of. Davis’s attention to detail makes us feel like we’re in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, and his psychedelic style is both enchanting and mesmeric. Not to mention his kaleidoscope of enticing hues leaves us dreaming of a world filled with colored lights, reflective surfaces, and vivid adventures.


photos via: @jimmymarble

Jimmy Marble’s feed is a total daydream of groovy bliss. Imagine clashing nature with bold colors, or more specifically, teaching older women to spray paint walls for added *positive* vibes in a shoot (…because you can never have too much). We dig how he truly captures the quintessence of a vibrant, almost romantic 70’s summer in LA. He has a cool way about his photography, with a laid-back quality that feels pleasantly lived in. His gaudy shoots are definitely eye candy, from his photos on New Year’s 2014 to his “Self Discovery” series. After seeing Marble’s fun and prismatic photos, you’d want to live in his world too.


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