Men Make the Money

By Cole Morgan, Staff Writer

It has been over forty years since Title IX, the legislation that banned sexual discrimination from all education and athletic opportunities was passed. The athletic part of that legislation being the most influential aspect to high schools and colleges around the country.

College sports are based around recruits and scholarships. And the money given for women’s sport scholarship are the lowest in the school most of the time. All the arguments about the “inequality” are bogus honestly, the reason for this all comes down to a simple reason:

Men make the money.

Call me sexist, call me what you want. But it all boils down to who makes money in the business world; and that’s what college sports have become, a business. The NCAA made 912.8 million dollars in revenue in 2013. What makes you think they want to give money to sports that won’t increase that revenue?

Statistically speaking, football (of course) and men’s basketball are the only profitable sports in the collegiate world. And all women’s sports fail to profit, along with every other male sport; yet the disparity in losses between male and female sports is much larger.

According to the Women’s Sport Foundation, women’s sports receive 183 million dollars less in scholarship funds than men (1.15 billion for male versus 965 million for female). People argue that this doesn’t allow women’s sports to grow or get the athletes needed to make a better team. Sure you will lose a couple diamonds in the rough but the talent pool is not THAT large.

Receiving a sports scholarship, male or female, is a feat in itself. I’m not trying to sound like an ignorant, male-worshipping writer here but until women’s sports bring in more cash to the NCAA, this trend will forever continue.