I Agree With Chad

Who in the world is Chad, and what am I agreeing with him about?

These are the questions George Ranch students were asking each other and the wearers of the red t-shirts that read “I AGREE WITH CHAD” in big, bold letters that began appearing everywhere on campus on Tuesday, February 28.

The attendees of C2, the Christian bible study that meets weekly on Monday nights at sophomore Rachel O’Reilly’s house, wore the t-shirts to promote an evangelical event with a title that poses questions, and opens up the door to conversation that normally wouldn’t occur. Students who asked were told to meet them at Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land from 5:00 to 7:30 on Sunday night, March 4, where Chad gave his testimony and served wings and pizza on him.

Of the fifteen George Ranch students who attended, sophomores Tori Mai and Rachel Lapierre attended and enjoyed what Chad had to say.

“[‘I Agree With Chad’] is about people coming together in the name of Christ to worship and learn more about Jesus,” said Lapierre.

“[‘I Agree With Chad’ ] is about creating a relationship with Christ,” said Mai. “He spoke about his personal life and how Jesus saved him from suicide. He talked about … how we should create that relationship.”

The intrigue is over about what exactly students were prompting they agreed with Chad about. Now the only question lingering in the George Ranch hallway is not what to agree with, but rather who.

“I do agree,” said Mai.