Class Ranks on the Prowl

What is it with class ranks? Most people at George Ranch struggle everyday with their homework and class work; they stay up late, get good grades, only to see that they’re not even in the top 10% with a GPA of a 98. While at other high school, people with GPA’s of 94 are making the top 7% percent. A lot of students seem to find this unfair that they struggle to maintain their grades to get into a good college while others, can easily make it to a top state college because of the 8% rule with a lower GPA.

Some believe LCISD should do a district rank, vs. a school rank. Also LCISD, should use the same multipliers for all the AP, PAP, Honors, and AA classes in each high school. For example at George Ranch, the multiplier for an AP class is a 1.2, but at another school, it could be a 1.1, which is inconsistent. “it should all be leveled, everybody should have a fair chance to have that shot at being in the top 10%, because at school you can be in the top ten, while in the other, you can be in the bottom 50%” said sophomore Art Compean.

Others however, seem to believe it shouldn’t matter and if you try hard enough you should be able to make it high enough to be in the top 10%. “Honestly, it doesn’t matter, if you were really working your butt off, then being in the top ten would be without question. Who cares about other schools? Worry about yourself.” said freshman Melanie Garcia.

Whichever side you choose to agree with, one thing is certain, George Ranch is one of the most competitive schools. While other schools may not seem as competitive, everyone has to work to get where they are, and hey, if you’re busting your but more than others, at least college life won’t come as a surprise to you.