Round two for the Ranch

It’s the second school year for George Ranch and there are mixed emotions on the outlook for this next round.

“I’m actually looking forward to this year, the school has really grown,” said sophomore Samantha Terrones. Others have different views on the subject of George Ranch’s growth, like junior Andrea Pinilla.

“It’s way too crowded,” Pinilla says, “some people need to go back.”

It’s true, the halls of George Ranch are more crowded than last year, but what can you do when there are 500 plus new kids in the school? Not everyone is going to be happy. There are people who don’t really care, and others who are trying to make the best of it. Freshmen are specifically targeted, though the reasons are different for people, some think it’s because of the fact that upperclassmen just plain dislike freshman. Others, though, believe it’s because there are too many of them.

“Too many freshman,” said junior Alfonzo Cano. It is in fact true that there are a lot of new faces to be seen at the Ranch thanks to the 500 plus new freshman.

When asked what he thought of how his first year at the Ranch was going, freshman Paul Sangel said it was “better than eighth grade”.

“I feel that this year is different,” says sophomore Genae Phillips.

To some people, the fact that there are new faces to be seen and that new parts of the school are being opened to accommodate the size of all these kids feels a lot different than last year.

“This year is going to go smoother than last year and it’s gonna be a great year. Go Longhorns!” said sophomore Claire Bonaparte.

Some people are excited for the upcoming years and try their best to look at the positive. If only all George Ranchers could be that way, school might just seem like a more fun place to be at.