The Best Burritos in Town

With many people chomping down on burritos these days, it might be helpful to know where is the best snack in town.  Four popular burrito places- Bullritos, Freebirds, Chipotle, and Mission Burrito all have fabulous food, but from reviews, some places are better than the others.

According to student reviews, Freebirds seemed to consistently offer the best burrito of the area.  However, some of the extras that you can add to your “bird” can be pricy.  Just to add sour cream or guacamole, it is $ 0.50 per add on.  Nevertheless, given many different sizes, Freebirds is sure to fill you up and make your tummy happy.

Next on the list, Chipotle ranked second for best burrito.  With fabulously flavored chips that are known for being unique, you can fill up on even more delicious food.  However, there is not much variety in the selections you are given and there is only one size of a burrito.  Cheaply priced, the quantity of food for the price is manageable and sure to be worth it.

Coming in strong at third, Mission Burrito placed for having the largest variety of add-ins for your burrito.  You can load it up with rice, beans, and veggies, and combined with salsas and creamy sauces, you are sure to avoid a bland meal.  But you are not given a plate for your burrito which makes things a little messy.  Overall, it was a quaint place also with reasonable prices for the quantity of food that you are given.

Rounding it out, Bullritos ranked fourth on the list. Even though the brown bag uniqueness makes it special, you don’t exactly know what you are ordering due to the fact that you do not watch the workers prepare your food.  It leaves you curious as to what exactly your burrito creation will look like and what accompanies the food.  Part of the experience is watching them prepare your creation, and not being able to observe sort of ruins it.  As well as pricy, the portions aren’t exactly worth the money, being skimpy portions for what you pay. I do commend them however, because of the quality of the food. It tastes as good as it looks and is sure to have to leave happy.  If you are looking for somewhere to be filled up on good food, then Bullritos is your place.

From Freebirds to Bullritos, the quality, quantity, service, and taste were the ending determinants of exactly what decided who was best. Although all were delicious, Freebird came out on top, rounding out the competition along with Chipotle, Mission Burrito, and Bullritos.