Artist Spotlight: Isabelle Antes


Isabelle Antes is no average artist. Her drawing of George Ranch High School has been chosen by one of the largest architecture and engineering firms to be a part of their 2011 calendar. Antes is a freshman at GRHS and is one of only two students in Lamar CISD to get chosen for this honor.

Though she won an honor for a drawing of the school, her favorite type of art is Anime.

Antes first took an interest in art in fourth grade.

“Before [fourth grade] I would just doodle on my paper,” Antes said.

Who would have thought “doodles” could have turned into masterpieces? Choosing what to draw is sometimes just as hard as creating the masterpiece in the first place.

“Sometimes it’s an assignment so I have to draw it,” she said. “Other times it just sort of flows.”

Other than the calendar, Antes is also featured in the GRHS art room on a wall where art is displayed. The art students pick which pieces to hang on the wall, so to be selected by your own peers is an accomplishment. The art teacher, Mrs. Light also recognizes Antes’ talent.

“She’s a very creative artist that works really hard,” said Mrs. Light.

Even though Antes is being recognized for her talents, she would still like to grow as an artist.

“I would like to get better,” she said. “And I’m not sure if I want to pursue a career in art, but it’s definitely an option.”

While Antes is still deciding whether to make art a career or just a hobby, she has some advice for beginning artists who really love art.

“Practice and figure out which art you love the most because it’s pointless to do something you don’t like.”