Vine Trends of the 2014- 2015 School Year


By Kate Anderson, Staff Writer

Vine is notorious for creating the majority of the social media trends today. Most of these are extremely annoying, but at the same time extremely catchy, thus making it a trend. There have been thousands, if not millions, of vines, YouTube videos, and tweets that correlate with these 12 trending topics, and if you are at all involved with the social media realm, I guarantee you that you will recognize at least one of these.

  1. “…or nah”
    • Original Vine: “Do you have a bae… or nah? Do you have a date… or nah?”
  2. “21”
    • Original Vine: “You stupid” “No I’m not”  “What’s 9+10?” “21” “You stupid”
  3. Just Girly Things
    • Original Vine: There is no “original vine” for this but there are these memes that are beautiful stock photos with a cheesy caption like “Watching Netflix all weekend with bae… Just Girly Things”
  4. “Deez Nuts”
    • Original Vine: “Something came in the mail today.” “What is it?” “Deez Nuts! Ha! Got em!”
  5. “Lebron James”
    • Original Vine: Little boy saying “Lebron  James” over and over in many different takes, in many different locations, and in the same tone.
  6. Little Einsteins theme song
    • Original Vine: “We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the sky. Little Einsteins.”
  7. “You’re not my dad”
    • Original Vine: Little Boy: “You’re not my dad. You always want to hear something. (Fricking) ugly (butt) noodle head”
  8. “A potato flew around my room”
    • Original Vine: “A potato flew around my room before you came”
  9. “Okay”
    • Original Vine: A panoramic view of a jungle and then a guy at the end saying “Okay”.
  10. “Charlie, Charlie”
    • Original Vine: Two pencils stacked on top of each other in an x/y plane fashion and a piece of paper that says yes in the first quadrant, no in the second quadrant, yes in the third quadrant, and no in the third quadrant. Person asks “Charlie, Charlie are you here” and the top pencil mysteriously moves.

These turn into trends because people take the original vine and twist it into a “new” vine over and over again.