Macho Macho Man


Junior Philip Garza goes for the kill at the Pro-Grad sponsored Macho Man volleyball game.

Junior Philip Garza goes for the kill at the Pro-Grad sponsored Macho Man volleyball game.

Friday the 13th usually marks a day of bad omens and superstitions. However, Friday, April the 13th at George Ranch, instead of bad luck streaks and superstitions that come with the date, students raised money by way of an unusual volleyball game. The roles of coaches and players were reversed, with the guys trying their hand at volleyball.

The Macho Man volleyball game consisted of two teams, The Black Mamba and the Pink Panthers. Each team had six male players and two female coaches. The team Black Mamba featured juniors Jackson Davis, Karson Land, Josh Okonye, Thomas Donahue, Jonah Font, and Jeremy Gray. They were coached by juniors Brennan Flannery and Melanie Spiller.The Pink Panthers were coached by Sam Bruning and Jennifer Hopkins and consisted of Chris Greer, Matt Herrera, James Griffiths, Morgan Turner, Philip Garza, and “S Man”.

It was an epic battle between both teams, playing three games to fifteen points. The Pink Panthers opened strong winning the first game. The second game was a tight one, with the Panthers edging Black Mamba for the slight victory. With the Panthers already up two games to none, Chris Greer and Matt Herrera decided to go for a little show. When the ball was set up, Greer would crouch down on all fours and Herrera would step on his back and spike the ball. The over the top gesture didn’t succeed, with Herrera missing the ball each time. However, each failure sparked laughter throughout the crowd.

The third game was the comeback game for the Black Mamba, finally getting their act together and winning the game. However, the deficit was too much, with the Pink Panthers winning overall with the game count 2-1. Jackson Davis was awarded MVP for the volleyball game.

The Macho Man volleyball game was a success, raising hundreds of dollars for the junior’s Project Graduation. Project Graduation (Pro-Grad) is a supervised, all night, drug and alcohol free, celebration for graduating seniors held at the end of the school year, normally the night following graduation.