Howdie Alanis Ventura!

By Marc Ramirez, Staff Writer

The Wrangler sat down with Junior Alanis Ventura to talk about how she balances wrestling/CrossFit with school, and the goals she has for the upcoming season after a devastating knee injury.

The Wrangler: What made you want to start Wrestling and CrossFit ? 

Ventura: I started CrossFit and wrestling because I never had a place where I belonged so I joined, and it was a safe haven for me. I had personal battles that were hard to cope with so that was my happy place.

The Wrangler: How do you balance school work and training ? 

Ventura: I try and do all of my homework at school and get it done so I can get to my training.

 The Wrangler: Do you have any role models? 

Ventura: I really look up to a lot of professional wrestlers and CrossFit athletes. Their dedication and athleticism is something I want to reflect.

The Wrangler: What keeps you motivated to pursue your goals ? 

Ventura: My love and passion for what I do is what keeps me motivated. When you find your purpose in life it never grows old to you and that’s what I found.

 The Wrangler: How do you respond to criticism from others ? 

Ventura: I let criticism from others fuel me instead of bring me down. Even though I’d get bullied for what I do and what I look like , I’ve chosen to let the negative go [be]cause it won’t benefit me in the long run.

 The Wrangler: What does your training routine consist of ? 

Ventura: I train 3 times a day. In the morning I’ll have CrossFit training, in the afternoon I’ll have wrestling, then at night I’ll have extra cardio and a bodybuilding session where I work on strength.

The Wrangler: How many hours a day do you spend training? 

Ventura: I train 3 times a day so that’s about 4-6 hours a day depending on what I’m doing.

 The Wrangler: How strict is your diet ? 

Ventura: My diet used to be very strict to where I tracked everything I ate , but now that I train so much that I need the energy so I eat all clean and organic food. I also drink a gallon of water and take supplements.

 The Wrangler: Do you have any goals for the upcoming season? 

Ventura: I’m coming back from a knee injury so I just hope to feel again, but I also want to better my technique, strength, and make it to state.

 The Wrangler: After high school will you continue your current lifestyle ? 

Ventura: Yes I will! I will wrestle in college, compete in the CrossFit games, and train at the Olympic training center for Olympic lifting.