Howdie Tia Weiss!


Lydia Masters

Tia Weiss enjoys photography and history.

By Lydia Masters, Staff Writer

The Wrangler sat down with new student, Tia Weiss, a senior here at George Ranch, in order to get to know her better and her impressions of Texas.

The Wrangler: Where did you move from?

Weiss: Morgan Hill, California.

The Wrangler: Why did you move to Houston?

 Weiss: My family lives here. I also really liked this school, this was a reason why I personally decided to come here.

The Wrangler: What things do you miss most about your old school?

Weiss: I miss knowing everybody. I miss my friends.

The Wrangler: What things do you enjoy about George Ranch?

Weiss: So far I’ve really enjoyed the spirit and the rallies, you guys have one like every week. You have a lot more courses than my old school did. Like, I’m taking AP European History this year and history is one of my favorite subjects, but at my old school they had no more history classes.

The Wrangler: What would you say are your interests and hobbies?

Weiss: I enjoy taking pictures, so photography. I also really like music and going to concerts.

The Wrangler: What do you enjoy taking pictures of most?

Weiss: I really enjoy taking pictures of nature, but I also really like people, like portraits. I usually do sports photography for yearbook and I really like that too.

The Wrangler: What music do you listen to?

Weiss: I listen to alternative music, hard core. Silverstein, I also listen to Walk the Moon, I love Walk the Moon, and 21 pilots.

The Wrangler: What restaurants from California do you miss the most?

Weiss: This Sushi restaurant called Creasian. It’s like Creation, but Asian. Oh! And a pizza restaurant called Pizza My Heart in Santa Cruz, it’s really good.”

The Wrangler: What is one thing you are excited about living here in Houston?

Weiss: I’m excited about being really close to a big city. Before I was sorta close, but I’m closer now.

The Wrangler: What big city were you close to?

Weiss: San Jose, which wasn’t as big as Houston, smaller.

The Wrangler: What was the most surprising thing about moving to Texas?

Weiss: Everybody’s so nice here. Also, I didn’t know what a corsage was or mums.