Plans for a Summer at Home

It seems that everyone already has their summer planned out. Exotic vacations, various camps, and summer jobs are all anyone is talking about. But for those of you whose summer is unplanned, you may be wondering what to do with the infinite time for potential adventures just beyond your reach. Here are just a few things you might consider for the month of June.

June 2 (12pm -10pm) & 3 (12pm-8pm): Free Press Summer Fest; 1800 Allen Parkway @ Eleanor Tinsley Park, Houston, TX
The greatest Houston hosted music festival is fast approaching! With various local and national artists performing, this is a great way to experience music from all over the world. Click the follwing links for further information! Ticket info. Lineup info.
June 12-13 (7pm-12am): LMFAO in concert; 1510 Polk St, Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
If you’re a fan of LMFAO, don’t miss this chance to see them right here in Houston! Click here for ticket information.
June 16 (1:30pm): 93Q’s Day in the Country; (Woodlands Pavilion) If you’re a country music fan, come listen to Dierks Bentley and others perform. Ticket info
June 26 (7pm): Coldplay Concert; 1510 Polk St, Houston, TX (Toyota Center) If you love Coldplay, act now. June 25th seats are gone, but there are still some left for the 26th. Ticket info.

June 1 (8:30pm-10:30pm): Sizzling Summer Dance; 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX
The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company is performing the first day of June! If you’re a dancer, or simply love dance, this is a great opportunity to see some amazing choreography and skill. Not to mention, it’s an amazing art form that you should experience as often as possible. Ticket info.

June 15 (8:30-10:30): Summer Symphony Nights; 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX (Miller Outdoor Theatre) Come listen to the Houston Symphony perform in Miller Outdoor Theatre! If you’ve never been to the symphony, it’s a great experience and gives you sophistication points for sure. Ticket info

ALL SUMMER LONG: Don’t forget that Houston is home to many amazing museums! There is honestly a museum for every kind of person. The Museum of Natural Science, The Museum of Fine Arts, the American Museum of Natural History, Houston Center for Photography, The Health Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. Learn new things and stay smart over the summer!

Sugar Land/Houston is home to some fabulously amazing places to get some yummy treats. And the best part is, they are close, convenient and relatively cheap!


The Chocolate Bar: (2521 University Blvd, Rice Village) The name is pretty self-explanatory, but basically it’s the best thing ever. From chocolate covered strawberries to hot espresso drinks, this place rocks. For more info, click here

Celebrity Cupcakes: (2343 University Blvd., Suite B) This is seriously the cutest, most cozy little mom-and-pop cupcake shop. Not only is everyone extremely friendly, but the cupcakes are fabulous. With a daily menu, they offer flavors like German Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, etc. For more info, click here

Nothing Bunt Cakes: (1531 Highway 6, Suite 125) Here you will find the best bunt cakes, or any cakes for that matter, in the entire world. No joke.
For more info, click here

If you’re not into listening to great music, becoming a more cultured individual, or eating yummy snacks, then I don’t know what to tell you. But for all you normal people out there who enjoy listening to Coldplay whilst gazing at fine art and eating a palm-sized bunt cake, this summer should rock your socks.