Lupita Nowak

Lauren Sibille

Human #11

October 13, 2015

“So I was at work (alone as usual) and this lady comes in and gives me a bunch of magazines to give to customers. So I, having nothing to do, start reading it. In the very back was an article about how downtown Richmond and Rosenberg are haunted. Of course it goes into extreme detail about the exact building I work in, how the entire floor above me is full of untouched hotel rooms from the 1800’s, and about the multiple deaths that occurred right outside the doors and in the second story of my building. You could say I was a little freaked out… Not even 10 seconds after I put the magazine down the phone rings. I answer, thinking it will be someone asking a question on the other line, but all I hear is this loud, unhuman screeching sound. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard but worse. I slammed the phone shut and 2 seconds later it rang again. I answered, and after a moment of silence I heard the same screeching sound. This happened 5 times in a row and I’m convinced it’s the ghosts. The next day, I worked again, and an old lady came in and told me ‘she had to ask my boss some questions’. She wasn’t there, so I offered to answer them myself. She said she does the local ghost hunts around town and was wondering if [I’d] had any supernatural experiences recently. I told her about my experience with the phone lines, and she just kind of smiled. She told me, ‘Oh yeah that’s how they always start messing with you.’ Then [she] proceeded to tell me about all of the ghost stories from all of the workers in the building from like the last 30 years (which they so conveniently left out when I was hired). The old lady offered to take me on a “ghost hunt” but I (politely) declined that kind offer. Nothing has happened since then, but now I’m trying to befriend the ghosts so they don’t mess with me again.”

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