The Texans are Terrible Once Again


Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien.

By Blake Wood, Staff Writer

Another season has gone down in flames. Once again the Texans have proven to be incompetent in every area of the franchise. From management’s inability to draft an impact player in the middle rounds to Romeo Crennel managing to turn a defense filled with talent into an abysmal unit, the team is a train wreck once again.

Bill O’Brien looks to be in over his head. The team has come out unprepared and looking lost every week this season. He’s wavering on his starting quarterback more than a high school girl wavers on her outfits. It’s an embarrassment. Brian Hoyer won the job in camp and then was benched after one game and now he’s back starting in week 6, and the fans are supposed to believe that O’Brien knows what he’s doing? If Hoyer won the job during the lengthy grind of training camp, he assuredly deserved more than a one game leash, or at least one would logically assume so. The Texans still have the worst quarterback situation in the league and they have that title by a wide margin, but that topic has been beaten to death, so we’ll move on.

The defense that was almost unanimously predicted to be a top 5 defense in the league is awful. They were outplayed by a 40 year old back up QB who was in the hospital the night before the game. How Romeo Crennel still has a job is beyond me. Bill O’Brien goes out of his way to preach about accountability, yet he’s employing a man who has somehow found a way to not get a pass rush with JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. Over the past 12 seasons, the Texans have had 13 1st round picks, and they’ve used 11 of those picks on defensive players. Few teams, if any, have made such a sizeable commitment to the defensive side of the ball, yet the Texans still aren’t dominant, or even good.

The special teams unit was a problem under Gary Kubiak when Joe Marciano was the coach and it continues to be a problem during the O’Brien era under Bob Ligashesky. The special teams unit can’t get out of its own way. They seemingly hold or block in the back on every return and their field goal kicking is laughably bad. When your best case scenario as a team is having the 15th best quarterback in football, you have to dominate the other two phases of the game in order to be successful. Instead they are incompetent in everything and are a team with no direction or future plan laid out.

Reports are already surfacing that Bill O’Brien has lost the locker room and if they’re to be believed, it’s time for Bob McNair to be bold and make a move this offseason. Patience is no longer a virtue in Houston.