Lupita Nowak

It’s a wonderful day at Chick-fil-A! How may I help you?

Humans #12

October 17, 2015

My job has become a huge part of my life. The people I have met there have made a huge impact on my life. I have learned so many skills from working there, and not only for a work place but just life in general. The restaurant is fast paced and I’m so used to always doing something and I’m sure if i tried to work somewhere else I would get bored. But I really do love my job, it’s hard not to. I get to be nice and make a living out of it, and I’m friends with almost everyone there. Customers really do appreciate the extra service we give them and it makes me happy to see us make people’s day. It’s not just a job to me anymore. Working there for over a year, I have gained respect for so many people there that have taught me so many things, and its really just a place I love to be. People always ask me why I work so much or why I dedicate so much time to it because it’s “Only a job at Chick-Fil-A”. But Chick-Fil-A is life, and everyone expects amazing things out of it… My manager Ty said, ” You have to excel in what your job is. If they gave me a job to be in the bathroom to just make sure everything is perfect in there, I’d be the best dang attendant in there because that’s my job and I’m gonna make sure it gets done.” Chick-Fil-A has gotten me great opportunities and I’m very grateful to have such a great job.

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