Get Out of My Bubble!


Sara Vivas

Are you in my space?

By Sara Vivas, Staff Writer

Why are you touching me? Why are you so close to me? Do you not realize that your arm is all over me? Do you not notice that you are BREATHING ON ME?!?!?! These are the thoughts I have every day of my life. There are people that are totally okay with being close to everyone, who love people. Then there are people who feel like it’s the end of the world when their friend comes up to them and hugs them. Or grabs your arm. Or stands inches away while having a conversation. I am one of those people.

I have a very strange view on personal space. For me personally, I don’t mind it too much if one of my friends who isn’t generally a touchy person gives me a hug. But if someone who is always messing with my hair or invading my bubble, I can’t even handle them touching my arm. I know; it’s strange. But what I really don’t understand is when complete strangers feel that it’s fine if their bag is forcing me to sit on the edge of the bus seat.Or when they decide to grab my backpack and physically move me out of the way…how is that a normal response to a crowded hall?

Why can’t people just stay out of other people’s bubbles? Someone who doesn’t enjoy touching isn’t someone who needs help “overcoming” their “fear” of hugs. Hugging me will just make me dislike you. This is just like your personality; we’re all different, and there isn’t one personality more right than another.

Now, there are sometimes, even for people like me with an extreme aversion to touching, when we’re feeling down and we need a hug. If this happens with one of your friends, don’t make fun. Saying, “so now you’ll let me hug you!”.  This will not make them feel better. Please, just respect our boundaries, understand how we feel, and be there if we need you.