The Effects of Third Wheeling

By Mikayla Santana, Staff Writer

Now everyone goes through awkward moments in life, but there is no situation that occurs that is more awkward than third wheeling, where a single person hangs out with friends that just so happen to be a couple. Now third wheeling can happen at any time, but no matter what it is very complicated and awkward. Camille Johnson said, “It feels as if I’m the loneliest person in the universe because you are just sitting there all quiet while your friends are all lovey dovey.”

Sometimes you’re invited to hang out but end up watching people kiss and hug. If you’re a couple that invites a friend out of pity please do not do that. “It’s extremely awkward, especially when they are performing intimate activities and I’m just sitting there annoyed” an anonymous student said. “I beg you, it is not right, no one wants to see you interacting in PDA.”

No one ever wants to be a third wheel, it just happens. As someone who has been the third wheel, if you even think about hanging out with me and being all mushy, I will be the biggest third wheel and push you apart and stay in the middle. If you’re a third wheel how do you sit at booths at restaurants? But you know what’s worse than being a third wheel? A fifth wheel.

It’s even worse when there are two couples, then you really are alone. No seats, no room on the couches unless you want that awkward seat in the middle.

But awkwardness isn’t the only thing that a person feels while third wheeling. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “It is the worst feeling of all time. Especially when it is with a girl you have a crush on.”

We need to choose our friends wisely. Sarah Walker said, “You should have a good friend that wouldn’t leave you to only hang out with someone else. Find a really good friend that won’t leave you.”

So if you are a couple and you think about inviting a friend with you, unless you truly want to hang out, DON’T DO IT!!!! If you are the friend that is lonely, I’m sorry my friend, you will get through it just be cautious when hanging out with them from now on.