Greenlight a Vet

By Kate Anderson, Staff Writer

Veterans are extremely discriminated against in America. Whether its in the workplace, at a restaurant, or walking down the street this discriminating is based solely on the fact that they served our country in battle. There are many reasons for the discrimination, but the Greenlight a Vet movement thinks this prejudice needs to be reversed.

Greenlight a Vet is a campaign that was designed to shine a light on veterans and show support for them. The way they get people to show their support is by changing one visible light on or in your house to green, and then keep the light on everyday to shine your support for our veterans who risked their lives fighting for our freedom.

But why green? Why not red to represent blood spilled or blue for democracy? Green is the symbolic color of hope and renewal and the phrase “Greenlight” typically means “go forward”. Another specific reason why this movement was created was to spark the conversation about veterans in our community and eventually erase the idea that veterans should be treated like a lesser human.

There are many ways to get involved and show your support after you change a light to green. Take a picture with your green light glowing and post it to social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet or you can go to the official website and click the button in the middle of the page to show your support. All of the virtual clicks of support they get will go on display during the Veteran’s Day parade in New York City on November 11th.

Join Greenlight a Vet and Walmart in shining a light on our nations veterans by changing one light to green this year!