What is the high school system teaching us?

The Outcomes of High School

Author: Anonymous

Want to know something funny?

We’re students.

We’re 15-18 years old.

We supposed to be young.

We do our homework.

We study for tests.

We memorize answers.

We take all honors.

We memorize formulas.

We take eight AP’s –like it’s normal!

We play three sports.

We’re in four clubs.

We’re in NHS.

We take SAT prep courses.

We compete against each other.

We apply to IVY Leagues.

— —

We’re tired.

We’re exhausted.

We’re anxious.

It’s been four years.

It’s been long nights.

It’s been no sleep at all.

It’s been panic attacks.

It’s been ADD pills.

It’s been disappointment.

We’ve memorized every answer.

We’ve learned every formula.

We’ve applied to every college.

It paid off, right?!?

— —


Ask us how we’re doing…

As us if we’re okay

Ask us ABOUT ourselves…

And we’ll freeze. |

We don’t know.

Because there wasn’t an answer

There wasn’t a formula

We didn’t learn this.

That’s not in our textbooks

Not in our notes

Not on the SAT

All that prep work

All those resume builders.

All the sleepless nights.

All of it.

It didn’t work.

It didn’t mean anything.

We didn’t learn how to think.

We only learned how to memorize.


We’re losing our minds,


Knowing the answer is more valuable than learning the lesson,


Our “education” is clouding over our personalities,


Our diplomas are more important than our sanity.

Isn’t that funny?