I’m a NY Giants fan


Kate Anderson

My NY Giants pillow pet #TrueFanStatus.

By Kate Anderson , Staff Writer

I am a NY Giants fan and I live in Houston, Texas. It’s football season still (Honestly, one of my favorite times of the year.) and with that, the question is bound to be asked, “Who is your favorite football team?”. Of course, I always answer with pride in my voice, “The New York Giants!”, which is immediately followed by a look of confusion and the ever so popular question, “Why?”

Well I’ll tell you why, person who obviously knows nothing about football outside of Houston or the general media.

To start, I was born into a family who loves the NY Giants. We are from Connecticut, and generally there aren’t a lot of professional sports teams in Connecticut, so the Giants or the Patriots are the next best thing. It started with my Great-Grandfather who loved the Giants, but sadly, my Nana fell to the grasp of the New England Patriots. For reasons unknown, she still to this day will cheer for those dirty patriots. (But Nana if you’re reading this I still love you unconditionally).

The next generation is my father, who instilled in me a love for Giants as strong as his. So I stay loyal to the Giants through thick and thin because it’s in my blood.

The second reason: I don’t jump from bandwagon to bandwagon. That’s not who I am, and once I find something I like I will stick with it. Especially the Giants, who can go from one year winning the Super Bowl to the next year completely sucking wind. Other people who are rather fickle in who they choose to support may jump from which ever team is doing the best that season, or even that week.

So, if you are still confused on why I like the Giants, you are probably basing your opinion on their abilities to play in these last couple seasons, but just remember with me that glorious day in February 2012 when the Giants took down the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Giants may not be a winning team all the time, but they are still a winning team.

(Also, Odell Beckham Jr. is a football god and my first dog’s name will be OBJ because he is just that awesome.)