Heart of freedom


Clayton Keeling

Land of the some-what Free

By Clayton Keeling, Staff Writer

That anyone would support a certain presidential candidate who believes in banning Muslims from the US shows a crippling fault in the ideals of Americans today. That the public would turn away refugees fleeing from religious persecution is simply un-American.

America was founded on and paid in blood by refugees also fleeing religious persecution. It is completely wrong to turn away people running from the same thing our ancestors did. America used to be the symbol of freedom, a new life and a fresh start. Have we strayed so far that we would seriously consider saying no to a people in similar need?

And the idea of banning and banishing Muslims and the Islamic religion is absolutely ludicrous. The goal of such an act would be to keep the US safe from Islamic Extremists, however this has the opposite effect.

Trying to abolish Islam only adds to the hatred of the west and US. The odds of being a victim of terrorism in America are already extremely small, and it will grow if we try to subdue it. This plays into what groups like ISIL want, the separation and fear of Islam.

America has always been about welcoming people of all nations and religion and races to a new home. It is our call as a country, to be a beacon of freedom and justice. But freedom can’t be preached and enforced around the world when we are so scared that we let fear control us and decide some people can’t or shouldn’t be helped.

It’s sad that this is what is has come to. It’s sad that the Home of Brave is being controlled by fear. Politicians can control the public to an extent, but the decent ones channel the feelings of the public into a common goal. As easy as it is to point fingers at the problem, the real problem lies within our own hearts.