How being a full time reader can get you in trouble at school


Katlynn Mckenzie

A book shelf filled with all of her favorite books

By Katlynn Mckenzie , Staff Writer

In the 8th grade, I always had at least one book with me in my bag. Everywhere I went in school, I had one-to-two books in my possession. Everyday I went to the library during lunch and advisory, to either get a book or sit there and read until my next class.

I would read so much that I read during lessons, notes, sometimes quizzes. During eighth grade my math teacher would take up my books, then give them back at the end of class, so that I would pay attention to the lesson he was teaching.

My U.S. history teacher then forbade me from going to the library during advisory  because my grades were suffering from all of my reading.

Ninth grade year wasn’t as bad as the year before. I had gotten my kindle (a electronic that I can use to read books off of) taken up because it was on my lap, not on, during a lesson on which he was teaching.

Now tenth grade year has probably been the worst year for me and reading. This year I have been reading a lot more in class than I probably should. I am failing U.S. History because I never pay attention and I am always reading on Wattpad.

I always get told to put up my tablet because I am always on it and always reading. Very few times do you actually see me doing my work on my tablet or my work in general. Typically you will find me reading and almost never doing my work unless I am in a class I like or it’s a really important grade or I am taking a test.

Reading for me is my safe place. In classrooms or around school I never really feel safe unless I am reading, listening to music, or drawing. So in the classroom when I feel my anxiety spiking I pull out a book and read it to calm me down. Teachers may not understand why I am always reading during class and while they’re teaching, but I do and that’s what keeps me okay.  If I get in trouble then it’s my fault because I am an active reader.