Howdie Sandy and Victor!


By Martha Czernuszenko

Sandy and Victor are two foreign exchange students from Foshan, China who came to George Ranch to see what life is at an American school. They both are international  junior students at Foshan Middle School #3. Sandy stayed at Martha Czernuszenko’s home. Victor stayed at Elena Gehle’s home.

Victor: Our school has a program with George Ranch and I actually I  got to a chance to see America and I haven’t been to America before, so I come to see the school life in America.

Wrangler: What is your English name and why did you choose it?

Victor:  My name is Victor Wong. Actually I was called Pam when I was in junior high, but then later I found out that the name is suit for man and female and I changed it. Then I searched on the website to see if I had a name that fitted me. Then I saw the name…I  saw many names and most of them started with s, c or something like that and I think that was too common, it’s not cool. And I found the name that appeals to me that was called  Victor and I found Victor means winner as well but I do not care. I just think it sounds good such as and  I had thought I would change my name but it is all right so far.

Sandy: My name is Sandy Chen. Chen is my Chinese name and Sandy is my mother gave me.

Wrangler: What did you think of your first day at George Ranch? Like your first day of school?

Sandy: I liked it. The first thing I want is boiled water, you know that. I want hot water. Mrs. Ania is is very nice to me and made hot water for me every morning. On the first day, we went to many places. We went to the….I  think I can’t remember…the buttery museum? And Rice, that after I went, I knew that is was a very good school university. But, I do not know that before I went to the Rice University and maybe I can think of it. Yea, and, and I tried the really good Mexican food.

Wrangler: Did you like it?

Sandy: S0-S0 actually.

Wrangler: What did you do at your first day here? What did you enjoy at George Ranch?

Victor: I think it is the subjects. George Ranch has more a variation of subjects that we can take um like physics academic and engineering class and PLTW. Did you know engineering and building? We do not only learn the knowledge and theory, we also apply it by hand and it increases our interest. It is really fun.

Wrangler: What did you think of America before coming here?

Sandy: I know what will be different like you will study with the group and maybe you will be in different lessons in different class[rooms]. Yea, I knew that before..uh I did not you will have the different lunch actually.[In reference  to A lunch to E lunch].

Victor: Personally, China is not a very good friends with America because many people in China think that China is going to replace the state of America in the world. So there might be some arguments between China and America, but personally I do not buy that theory actually because I have been to many other countries before I come to America so I know how it is outside. I thought America is a place with freedom and liberty. So we can think anything and do anything.

Sandy: No you can’t do anything here. [laughs]

Wrangler: I know you have traveled a lot, what was your favorite place to travel to besides in America and China?

Victor: That depends. That  depends what I want to do. If I want to go to have a tour, I would go Malaysia because I enjoy the beach there. Malaysia and Singapore. But if I want to study, I maybe  have a job there, I would go to England. The people is much ordered and polite [in England].

Sandy: Maldives. Swimming. And I think it is after I graduate after grade 6, and I had a long holiday. This was my present from my parents. And I really liked it.

Victor: Australia is a very well place as well.

Sandy: Maybe.

Wrangler: What was your favorite class in America?

Victor: I think it is engineering. PLTW Digital Engineering.  In engineering class, the teacher do not limit, restrict our thinking a lot. They do not infuse some knowledge to us and they give us a project and will just go on with the project with our own thoughts. We can really  do something real. I have made an electrical board that is controlled by…I made it in 3 classes. I didn’t expect that I could do it.  I just want to play and take a photo.

Sandy: Agriculture. Leo’s [Lin] 1st period  as well. [Academic Decathlon]. I think that everyone can talk what they think.

Wrangler: Do you miss anything in China?

Victor: My family.

Sandy: My family too.

Wrangler: Do you think  of studying outside of China, and if so where?

Victor: England. I  might get an interview or offer from  Cambridge and if I can’t get pass through interview, the interview is very hard. I might choose Empirical College and London School of Economics and Political Science. Also, Rice.

Sandy: America. I want to study in  America for a long time. The first, John  Hopkins and I think I  can choose the Rice.

Wrangler: What will you study?
Sandy: Biomedical engineering.

Victor: Actuarial Science.

Wrangler: What was something unusual in America?

Victor: The kids  in America can do anything at school at anytime. Oh  and perhaps their own project and their own plan and they just do it. The teacher will not bother you. It is very good.

Sandy: I can’t bring juice in the library.

Wrangler: Okay, and for my last question, if you could take anything back from China, what would you take back and why?

Sandy:I want to bring back a dog. I think American dogs are really friendly. And I’m scared of big dogs.