This is not the end! (or so we hope)


The four boys of One Direction before their hiatus and were still together for cute group photos.

By Rachel Buchanan, Staff Writer

On December 18, 2015, the almighty, super boy band, One Direction, performed for the last time on the British X-Factor finals before beginning what they are calling an 18-month hiatus.

Now the boys have released their final video, History, that give thanks to their fans and looks back on their five years. The one thing that stands out to me and the majority of Directioners is when Louis sings the line “…this is not the end, this is not the end,” that gives us all the hope we need to keep breathing.

The History music video not only gave people the hope they needed to believe that they would not be broken up forever, it also was able to give all of us chills by giving us a look back on their five years together and getting to see how cute and little they were back when they were simply X-Factor hopefuls.

It’s easy to forget that these boys were only between the ages of sixteen to nineteen years old when they started out back in 2010. To see them literally grow up in front of our eyes from awkward teens to proper young adults in the span of a three minute and sixteen second video is pretty cool but also extremely emotional.

The ending is probably the worst part where they all walk off in different directions and just give each of little waves and “see ya laters” like they’ll just be seeing each other tomorrow even though we all know that is not the case in this circumstance.

One Direction has been a band for five years and looking at any previous boy-band’s record of staying together, you could say that’s quite a long time, especially since they didn’t even come together on their own. Though, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of One Direction, and not just because I’m in too much denial to admit it.

Despite the evidence, Directioners are staying optimistic.

This is not the end and they will return in time (and not just for a reunion tour when we’re all 30).