City of Bones

By Katlynn McKenzie , Staff Writer

The City of Bones, the first in a six-book series, is a Fantasy Adventure written by Cassandra Clare. The book follows Clary Fray, a 15 year old teenage girl who lives with her mother and has a best friend named Simon. A problem arises when Clary goes to a club the night before her birthday and sees people that no one else can see.

The following day she decides she was just hallucinating and goes to a coffee shop with Simon. There she sees one of the ‘invisible’ guys from the club. Confused, she follows him outside and proceeds to yell at him because she is frightened by the sight of him.

Before she can actually figure out what is going on, her mother is kidnapped. In order to save her mother, Clary must work with ‘invisible’ people, whom she doesn’t know, for help. Along the way she discovers things that she didn’t know existed or believed to be fairy tales.While trying to save her mother, she discovers the reason behind her gift.

Secrets, myths, and magic are all key components in this thrilling, action-filled book. The author also creates some twists and turns by throwing in a little romance.

City of Bones is a captivating book that pulls you in whether it’s the first or tenth time you’re reading the book. This book is my go to distraction read for when I’m bored or just having a rough day. I love this book for it’s large variety and ability to appeal to all readers.