50 questions to ponder over

By Averi Cervantez, Staff Writer

I have some real questions. These are the things I ponder over in my free time that I can’t quite seem to answer myself.

  1. Do turtles have knees?
  2. How do we get more people to vote in elections?
  3. If there were to be an increase of votes, there has to be an increase of stupid votes, would we rather have a fewer amount of educated votes or a larger amount of votes by people who have no idea what’s going on?
  4. Have you ever walked into the wrong bathroom?
  5. Have you ever realized you walked into the wrong bathroom AFTER you already used the restroom?
  6. That’s never happened to me I was just wondering.
  7. If there were to be free health care, would the quality of the health care go down?
  8. Same goes for free college
  9. How do people get attacked my sharks? Do they not hear the music? (That was a joke, by the way).
  10. If the minimum wage were to increase, would that just cause inflation and we would be in the same positions before by wanting to raise the minimum wage?
  11. Is Steven Avery innocent? (Watch Making A Murderer on Netflix)
  12. Is going to a well known college with a steep tuition worth it?
  13. Do people really need to go to college in order to be able to live a stable middle class life?
  14. Do dogs have lips?
  15. Why doesn’t anybody look at our online newspaper????
  16. Is the government secretly hiding aliens from outer space?
  19. Is a person’s favorite color really a tell-tell on their personality?
  20. Is there even a correlation between a person’s favorite color and their personality?
  21. I mean if people believe in a correlation between their personality traits and the stars (astrology and people’s signs) then there can be a correlation between colors and their personality, right?
  22. Why is it really that hard to tell your crush that you have a crush on them?
  23. Is Trump really serious about running for president?
  24. I understand that he has gone this far in his campaign and all, but really?
  25. Is going to an ivy league college really all that?
  26. Of course I would go to an ivy league college if I was accepted, but still.
  27. Is I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter really butter?
  28. What is the ideal amount of water a person should drink a day?
  29. Is ice cream THAT bad for you? It contains milk and milk helps your bones get strong!
  30. Which is better: Marvel or DC?
  31. Does different brands of water actually taste different?
  32. Is more than 31 questions too many questions?
  33. Should we follow France’s footsteps and force grocery stores to donate unused foods to the hungry?
  34. Are the Oscars really going to make changes within the Academy to have more diverse nominees?
  35. Why do girls wear makeup?
  36. Is a hotdog considered a sandwich?
  37. Does George Ranch really need an advisory class period?
  38. Do people think that Kristen Stewart is a good actress?
  39. Is a vegetarian lifestyle really healthy for you?
  40. Is high school cheerleading considered a sport?
  41. Are we too obsessed with our phones and technology?
  42. Or are adults and older people just really upset over not having the same technology we do back then?
  43. What is an ideal time to date again after a break-up?
  44. What do our dreams say about us?
  45. What is more important: Funding our military or our department of education?
  46. How do people not believe in global warming?
  47. Should abortion be illegal? How can we tell a woman what they can and cannot do with their body’s?
  48. Is cereal a soup?
  49. Whataburger or Chick-fil-a?
  50. Why are we not more concerned about the bloody conflicts between Palestine and Israel?