Earth Day

By Megan Peterson, Staff Writer

Earth Day is a worldwide holiday that occurs on April 22nd. The purpose of Earth Day is to support environmental protection. People celebrate this holiday by learning about the environment, planting trees, or simply spreading the word.

Earth day was established in the 1970’s after people were made aware of the detrimental effects they had on the environment. Earth Day was inspired by the oil spill of ’69 in Santa Barbra. This set off a series of “teach-ins” that helped to educate people about the environment. Earth Day was established in the same movement that put in place the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. The popular feelings of environmental concern from the hippie-era has continued into today culture.

There are billions of events held on this day to celebrate the Earth. These events range from parties to community work that helps the earth. The cities that are largely involved in these events are New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Even so, you can find Earth Day events in green cities across the globe at Earth Day events .

The partners of the Earth Day movement can be found at partners. And, if you are uninterested in participating in an event, you can donate to the movement at donate here.