Parking Passes and Boots… What’s Your Take?

Parking Passes and Boots... Whats Your Take?

Many of us have reached that time in our life where we get behind the wheel and get our very own license. For your very own spot in the George Ranch parking lot, a parking pass must be purchased, but there’s some debate. Everyone has a different opinion on whether you should have to pay for a parking pass that’s used for somewhere we have to be every day, or whether it should be a first come first serve basis. Here are some opinions from a few students here at the Ranch.

A parking pass is a small sticker you have to purchase to have your own spot in the parking lot. Some students like the idea of parking passes. “Parking passes keep order, and I’m just happy I have a spot every morning,” said junior Taylor Oakley.

However, other students say it should be first come first serve. “I think we should be able to park where we want, I get here at 7:30 a.m. or earlier and I still have to park by the field house near the very end where my spot is,” said junior De La Cruz.

A boot is a lock that’s placed on one of the four wheels of your car. You park in another student’s parking spot, you get a  boot. Sounds pretty serious to me. Many students seem to agree that it’s pretty fair, De La Cruz said, “If someone parks in my spot I want them to get a boot.” Junior Jessica Webb says, “People need to learn a lesson.”