Review: X Factor USA

The second season of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor began Wednesday, September 12, 2012. The show highlights individuals, groups, and bands who audition to be the next big singers in Hollywood.

In the beginning of the episode, they do a great job of introducing the new judges: Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. As the episode proceeds, it is interesting to discover that Britney might be even more critical than Simon. She is very straightforward and somewhat cruel with the contestants. Some viewers may find it entertaining to see her like this.

Later in the episode Britney encounters someone from her past, Don Philip, a man with whom Britney did a duet ten years ago. He did not make it far in the music industry because he felt he was “unworthy,” but he seemed excited to see Britney again and have a second chance.

Unfortunately his vocals were not very good at all. Britney knew she had to say no and tried to let him down the easiest way possible by telling him that his voice just wasn’t up to The X Factor’s standards. It broke everyone’s heart to see his sad and surprised reaction after she said that. Backstage he was crying and weeping, saying how he had upset Britney and did not mean to.

Demi Lovato also has a heartfelt moment with a young contestant, Jillian Jensen. She shared with Demi that she, too, was bullied in high school and how Demi was her inspiration. She cried as she sang her song and touched everyone’s heart with her amazing voice. After she finished, Demi walked onto the stage to give Jillian a hug. Her tears of sorrow turn to tears of joy when she got a yes from all four judges.

Aside from Don Philip, the first episode of the X Factor seemed like a great way to kick off the second season.