Captain America: Civil War


Chris Evans plays Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War.

By Rachel Buchanan, Staff writer

Ever since Captain America: Civil War was announced back at Comic Con 2014, words couldn’t describe how excited I was. It’s no secret that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the greatest Marvel movies of all time, and the directors, the Russo Brothers, surely won’t disappoint this go around. With the stakes raised after the Winter Soldier and second Avengers movie, everyone is expecting nothing less than a fantastic civil war.

For those who don’t know, Captain America: Civil War has the superhero world divided into two teams of Team Iron Man, who wants the government to regulate what superheroes do, and Team Cap, who believes that superheroes should be able do whatever they need to do to stop danger.

Basically, the Marvel fandom has turned into the 2009 Twilight fandom with Team Edward and Team Jacob.

While I appreciate and love every character, I know for a fact that my favorite is and always will be Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers. I thoroughly enjoy the story line of Captain America and the character that Chris Evans has so skillfully evolved. I love how he has the heart of a superhero and the strength of a god, but is still humble about everything and never takes anything for granted.

So while I may be biased, I am definitely Team Cap.

It’s not that I don’t love Iron Man or Robert Downey Jr. (trust me I do), but I agree with Captain America’s reasons for not wanting to trust the government with his power. Considering what happened with S.H.E.I.L.D. and Hydra, he definitely has the right to want to take care of the world and its people on his own with the rest of the Avengers.

Cap is not only fighting for the right to fight crime, but also for his best friend’s freedom.

Bucky Barnes, Roger’s best friend from childhood, was captured by Hydra back in the 1940’s and was brainwashed to be the Winter Soldier. Once Hydra was taken down and Bucky began to remember his old life, Cap wanted nothing more than to help him get better, while the government still saw him as someone who needed to be taken down. Captain America couldn’t trust the people trying to point fingers at someone who was merely a victim.

The government’s involvement in superheroes isn’t going to lessen the amount of deaths, but just continue to make saving people much more difficult.

No matter where people stand in this civil war, everyone can agree that this will be an amazing movie that will make a giant impact on the Marvel cinematic universe.