Tubman to replace Jackson, but it isn’t enough

By Blake Wood, Staff Writer

Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill. It isn’t supposed to come into circulation until 2030, but nonetheless, this should be a good thing. The country is honoring a brave woman who helped people escape the shackles of slavery by allowing her to live on forever on our currency.

Tubman deserves to be honored on our currency as much as anyone, yet Tubman still has to share the $20 bill with Andrew Jackson, who will be placed somewhere on the back of the bill. Did no one in the treasury department see the conflict with Tubman and Jackson sharing a bill? This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, thing that the treasury department will do in the public eye, yet they still found a way to botch it.

Give Tubman the honor she deserves without Jackson tainting it ”

For those who may not know, Andrew Jackson is a former slave holder and seller. He championed the Indian Removal Act and brought this country The Trail of Tears. Further, as if these actions weren’t despicable enough, Jefferson likely had a child, possibly as many as six, with a slave that he owned named Sally Hemings. Having a sexual relationship with someone that is literally property according to the law is a horrid and disgusting thing to do. Jackson quite literally owned a woman that he had children with, doing so while he was married, and to make it even worse, Jackson still held Hemings as a slave, despite their relationship.

If it were up to me, Andrew Jackson would not be on any American currency, but if he must have a place, that place cannot be on the same bill as a former slave. Tubman fought for the freedom of her enslaved race and Jackson owned members of that race, and now, they share a bill? It’s ridiculous. Give Tubman the honor she deserves without Jackson tainting it. Apparently it is asking too much for the Treasury Department to see conflicts like this in advance, so here’s to hoping they come to their senses before the new bill is released in 2030.