Howdie Hayden Waldschmidt!

By Bobby Luvender, Staff Writer

Hayden Waldschmidt is a senior here at George Ranch, The Wrangler got a chance to sit down and see what it’s like to be apart of the Longhorn family.

The Wrangler: Are you involved in any GR clubs?

Waldschmidt: I’ve been apart of the George Ranch XC team for 4 years, and I was in a leadership role for 3 of those.

The Wrangler: Has attending GR been a pleasant experience?

Waldschmidt: It has been for making friends and getting me ready for college.

The Wrangler: What has been your favorite part about GR?

Waldschmidt: Probably how everyone is a family at this school.

The Wrangler: What class to you has been the most interesting?

Waldschmidt: Engineering

The Wrangler: Does that interest you in a career?

Waldschmidt: Yes it does

The Wrangler: What college do you plan on attending and what are you going to major in?

Waldschmidt: U of H or UTSA, and Mechanical Engineering

The Wrangler: What would be your ideal job resulting from that major?

Waldschmidt: Just to work for a big company and make money

The Wrangler: What preparation would you need to get that job?

Waldschmidt: Hopefully obtaining an internship my second year of college from a company