Once Upon a Time Review – Magic is in the Air

ABC’s popular show, Once Upon a Time features all of the old bedtime stories, fairy tales and legends that we grew up with. Many of these tales are ones that we love and cherish such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and many more. Each character in the show is based off of one of the characters in these childhood stories.

This show is set in the cursed town of Storybrooke and follows the life of Emma Swan, the main protagonist. She finds herself caught up in the affairs of the notorious Mayor Regina Mills and Mr. Gold for the sake of her only son, Henry Mills, who is the adopted son of Regina. To add to the family drama, Emma is also the daughter of Mary Margaret and David Nolan who happens to be the lovely Snow White and Prince Charming.

In the second season premiere, we find the town of Storybrooke curse free; broken by Emma and Henry, and the town is in an outrage. The characters furiously head off to persecute Regina for putting the town under a curse and keeping them from their real life and home in the fairy tale world. However, our heroes see through the cloud of hatred and decide to save Regina at the request of Henry.

The characters lock Regina up in the town jail, leaving her there to not only protect her, but mainly for themselves. To Regina’s dismay, Mr. Gold uses the newly brought magic of the world and comes to the jail to give her a nasty present, the mark of the Wraith. Mr. Gold in turn hopes that the Wraith will come and take her soul (who knew that she even had one!) for revenge.

To seek refuge, Regina comes up with a plan to use the Mad Hatter’s hat to transport the Wraith into another land, in this case their old home Fairytale land. With the Wraith on the way, the hat appears to be on the fritz. The Wraith enters the room and causes the characters to panic and they fend off it off for as long as they can. Only after Emma touches Regina does the hat begin to work and a portal appears. During the battle, Emma and Mary Margaret are accidentally sucked into the portal along with the Wraith and transported to Fairytale land.

And what we thought as a land filled with nothing, a land destroyed by the curse, we soon discover that there is part of that world that is still alive and living (if you count time not moving as really living). They are found by Aurora, the princess from Sleeping Beauty and Mulan. However, the Wraith that came along with them sucked the soul from Prince Philip, and Mulan and Aurora are not happy about it. Our show is cut once the enraged women find our Emma and Mary Margaret lying unconscious in the rubble.

The season premiere left viewers speechless, heartbroken, enraged, saddened, enthralled and craving for more. Many questions are presented in the season premiere. If magic is in the world, how can they use it? Is Emma the key to unlocking the world’s magic? What will Regina do now that Emma and Mary Margaret are gone? What will those two do now and what will Mulan and Aurora do to them? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming season. Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 7 p.m. central time on ABC. Go and watch to see what the price of magic brings.