Metamorphic Teenager


Diamond Butler

Senior Chioma Eke

By Diamond Butler, Staff Writer

Metamorphosis is the transformation from a immature stage to an adult like formation; so how does a teenager do it? It’s a stage in life that everyone hits, but that period doesn’t last forever, so what happens to it? Whether it be growth in the mind, body or even soul, they only have that moment to realize what would be their next step in life.

When becoming an adolescent, people make different decisions on what they want to make in life, but they never really understand the meaning of how important their decision is until it finally clicks in their head.

Being a teenager is just one step closer to getting where they need or want to be, but as they’re growing up no one tells them how hard the obstacles are going to be in life. No one holds their hands and fights their battles for them, it’s up to them to make their choices and for them to stick to them.

However, people still give advice. Adults typically come up with their advice from two different experiences. The first  way is having experienced what you’re going through, and the second way is having discussed issue or situation that you’re facing. Things that adults say are sometimes unpleasant to the ear and tend to have something come out that you wouldn’t like to hear or that you know you won’t use in later life.

Assistant Principal Kevin Croft says “when you are trying to resolve any problems, remove all emotional attachment and utilize logic. Logic never leads you astray, because it is based on facts, not desire.” Trying to use a personal point of view as a given advice, will confuse the person you are trying to give advice to because it is not helping them understand your meaning of what your trying to prove. That’s just one way of growing in life, so what about the other way… child play.

croft-resize Diamond Butler
When it comes to puberty, and child play is still involved, that’s when the body is the only thing changing. It wouldn’t be mind because their mind will still be in a mode of child play, and it wouldn’t be soul because their feelings towards life wouldn’t matter to them if their only thinking about freedom or not focusing.

For instance, starting in middle school, kid’s minds are still getting use to freedom considering the fact that they just got out of elementary, which allowed them to have no freedom at all. Then moving up to junior high, they’re a little cautious but that’s when kids do things that are not necessary. They only care about things that won’t get them through the rest of their school years, such as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then there’s high school, the place that has you thinking about your future, but how can you think about that when your mind is focusing on how much freedom you’re having, now that no ones watching.

When you are an eighth grader going into your freshman year, you want to chill and freshman, Sha’more Scott added, “I still wanna play around with friends, because last year we didn’t have freedom”. You are not as focused as you should be when you hit high school. It isn’t until you are a junior or senior that you start to focus.

Sha'more Scott
Diamond Butler
Sha’more Scott

Being a Senior, you have the feel of high school already, and the fact that you’re close to being in the outside world, you are getting  prepared for it. Chioma Eke said, “I think being here for four years, I know what to expect. I wasn’t really serious when I was a freshman, but now I’m focused and more confident now that I’m a senior.” Seniors are more  mature and know what’s going to be their next step in life.

So how does a teenager do it? Do they have fun for their first year in high school and then bounce back into reality when it hits? People won’t ever know how that process works unless they follow the person from their first year in high school to their fourth year. Until the story is told, people will still wonder about a metamorphic teenager.