Howdie Brittany Hoskins!

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Howdie Brittany Hoskins!

Brittany Hoskins

Brittany Hoskins

Kaitlin Parisi

Brittany Hoskins

Kaitlin Parisi

Kaitlin Parisi

Brittany Hoskins

By Kaitlin Parisi, Staff Writer

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Brittany Hoskins is a sophomore that enjoys cooking and running track. She loves her mom and her sister and wouldn’t know what to do without them.

The Wrangler: What is something you are passionate about?

Hoskins: I am passionate about track, sometimes. I am passionate about god, my cooking

show, and learning.

The Wrangler: How did you start your cooking show?

Hoskins: I started a cooking show on Snapchat, it’s like a series now. It was for fun at first,

now it is a series. I have three episodes so far and like to cook on Snapchat. Add me, my

username is brittanyoliviaa.

The Wrangler: How long have you been running track and who got you started?

Hoskins: I have been running track for eight years. My mom got me started in fourth grade,

but it was on accident because I did gymnastics at first and my mom said you need to be

running something so she threw me on a team and ever since then I have been running track.

The Wrangler: Do you want to go professional in your track career?

Hoskins: Surprisingly, no, I don’t want to pursue track professionally. I want to do sports so that I can get into a good college. I’ve been doing track now for 8 years now, I think I’d be good after college.

The Wrangler: How do you balance track and all of your school work?

Hoskins: Balancing track and school work is actually a real life struggle, especially since I am in Pre-AP classes. I just have good time management and a mom that stays on my back about all that stuff.


The Wrangler: Who is you biggest influence/ role model in life? Why?

Hoskins: My mom is my biggest influence because she works really hard and she does

everything for me and my sister even when she doesn’t need to. She’s amazing, I love her.

The Wrangler: I hear you are a 13 year cancer survivor, can you tell me a little about that?

Hoskins: I had kidney cancer when I was one and a half and I survived, thank god! It wasn’t

bad it was in my right kidney and it was coming to my left so they cut it off, now I have one

kidney. I am good now, I get check-ups every year and nothing bad has come up.

The Wrangler: What has been your favorite part about GR?

Hoskins: I like the sports program and the academic program. You rarely find a school that is just as competitive in extra curricular as it is in academics.

The Wrangler: Are there any additional comments that you would like to add?

Hoskins: Add me on Snapchat @brittanyoliviaa to tune in for my next cooking show.

The Wrangler: What is your favorite or inspiring quote that you can end this interview with?

Hoskins: 2 Corinthians 12:9a “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My

strength is made perfect in weakness”.


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