2016 Presidential Candidates


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The two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

By Hunter Rubio , Staff Writer

Many people know that the presidential election is coming up this November. Widely known are the two main candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; however, there are two other candidates running for presidency; one of them being Gary Johnson of  the Libertarian party, and the other, Jill Stein of the Green party.

Before becoming a candidate, Donald Trump was a successful business man. Trump has built his success, through his many business ventures.  He is the owner of numerous companies, a television host, and an author, and he is now running for the oval office as the Republican party’s candidate.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate.  Clinton was elected as the first female senator from New York.  Clinton ran for president in 2008 against President Obama, but was defeated at the Democratic Convention.  President Obama chose her for the position of  Secretary of State, a position she held  from 2009-2013.  She was the first lady of the US when her husband, Bill Clinton, was the forty second president of the United States.

Gary Johnson is a businessman, author, politician, and the Libertarian Party candidate.  He was the Governor of New Mexico. Being a Republican in a mostly Democratic state, Johnson, in the end, managed to be re-elected for a second term as governor. As Governor, Johnson  cut taxes in New Mexico fourteen times and never raised them. Johnson also focused on schools, and many other parts of the communities for the people.

Jill Stein is a politician, and nominee for president from the Green Party. She was  born in Illinois, and graduated from Harvard and Harvard medical school.  This is Steins’ second time being the presidential nominee, the first being in 2012 and again now in 2016. Stein has won many awards, and has published many things, but in this presidential election, she faces three other candidates in the race to oval office.

With the Election coming up, there are many polls that have been conducted prior to November. Leaders in a close tie are Trump and Clinton, and behind them are Johnson and Stein. As the election comes closer, all four candidates are pushing for more votes, and are advertising throughout the country.

The 2016 Presidential race is coming to a conclusion soon. Clinton, Trump, Stein, and Johnson, are the final four candidates who each want to run the country their way. In the beginning of November, we will know who the American people have chosen to be their new president.