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Ashley Merino

Macie Whitcher

By Ashley Merino, Staff Writer

Macie Whitcher is a senior here at George Ranch. She is a very happy person who tries to make everyone she knows smile.

The Wrangler: How are you liking senior year so far?

Whitcher: So far I’m really enjoying my  senior year.  Its definitely treating me well.  I’m just trying to participate in as many things as I can and just make this an experience of a life time, so I can make tons of memories that I can look back on one day.

The Wrangler: What are you looking forward to most this year?

Whitcher: What I’m looking forward to is the football games and spending time with my friends and just really enjoying this year and making tons of memories.

The Wrangler: What are your plans after high school?

Whitcher: My plans after high school, well I’m probably going to start off in a community college and work my way up to an university.  My main goal is to become either a register nurse or a nurse practitioner just anything that will get me to my goal, I will do.

The Wrangler: What college are you planning to go to?

Whitcher: The college I’m planning on going to, like I just said I want to start off at a community college and then either go to Houston Baptist University or University of Houston. I definitely want to stay in this area because I really want to be around my family because they are a really big support system in my life and I don’t think I will do good without them.

The Wrangler: What will you be majoring in?

Whitcher: I will be majoring in nursing because I want to be a nurse.

The Wrangler: How does it feel to be a senior?

Whitcher: To be a senior its a very crazy feeling because looking back at how fast high school has gone by and just mainly how my whole life has gone by so fast, just yesterday I was going to my first grade class and now I’m a senior about to graduate soon. Its just insane that I’m about to be on my own  in life and figuring things out on my own and experiencing a whole new side of life never even experienced. Its definitely crazy, its fun, its kind of scary, its stressful, its very nerve racking, but its something we all have to experience and go through.

The Wrangler: What do you think are the biggest differences between junior high and high school?

Whitcher: The biggest differences between junior high and high school will be the amount of freedom you have. When you are in junior high it is more of a smaller school.  It is more noticeable when do you something you are not suppose to, but then when you come to high school it is very big, more people, you can get away with more stuff in my opinion.

The Wrangler: Is high school what you expected it to be?

Whitcher: I really don’t remember what I expected high school to be. I guess I expected it to be like the movie Mean Girls, all these different types of cliques or groups I guess, but it isn’t like that. I feel like everyone at George Ranch just gets along; we can all just mix together.

The Wrangler: What do you like to do?

Whitcher: I like to hang with my friends, especially Ashley and my family and go to my boyfriends football games and just support him and just be with people who make me the happiest.

The Wrangler: What makes you happy? Why?

Whitcher: My family and my friends they are definitely BIG influences in my life. They support me and make me so happy. I’m just really blessed to have all my friends and family and my boyfriend. They are just great people who can definitely make me smile

The Wrangler: Could you end this interview off with an inspiring quote?

Whitcher: “Live life to the fullest”