Stressing over the PSAT?


Kaitlin Parisi

Students take advantage of training materials.

By Maria Divina Canalita, Staff Writer

DON’T CRAM! The Wranglers are here to help you on taking the test successfully with 7 tips. But first, you have to get your head on to what PSAT gets hold off of your career.

The PSAT (Preliminary SAT)/ NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) cosponsored by the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation) and College Board will be held on its primary day, October 19.  The test will serve as a preparation for the SAT, and if you achieve a high score, you can qualify for the NMSQT. Moreover, this can lead to many college opportunities as well, since most universities look for performance tests, therefore, making it crucial.


  1. Motivate yourself. First off, is it worth it? Having to pursue yourself on acing the test needs a lot of motivation.  Whether it can be through your achievements, or your dream career, take the opportunity. Considering yourself on college funds? Then this might take you to a whole new world on being inspired to successfully take that test. Nothing will go wrong if you take the moment.


  1. Sleep is the Key. Lack of sleep can lead to stress. According to a study from Baylor University, stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that blocks information retrieval. So before you pull an all-nighter, think about what the effect might be.


  1. Take practice tests. Practice tests matter because they play a huge part of improving your weakness and strengthen your memory on topics you’re good at. But this doesn’t measure your memory, it stimulates your brain through critical thinking and reinforce it.


  1. Organize study sessions. Whether you are a people-person or a person who’s quiet, take the advantage. You can attend study circles, make reserve a study room accessible at the nearest library, or just invite a friend over. Although some of these can distract you, we recommend you to set schedules.


  1. Eat protein-rich foods. Did you know that eating protein-rich foods can affect your performance on a test? Protein-rich foods such as eggs, nuts, fish or yogurt are great examples of boosting your mental alertness. To increase your memory and great-thinking. Whole-grain and fruits are excellent options as well.


  1. Read. Read. Read.  The Reading test will probably take most of your time while doing the test. You have to analyze and evaluate every single detail to get that mark and stresses you. Bad in reading comprehension? Go and ask help from your English teacher. Ask her if she has any tips for it. Or you could practice reading and summarize the story, this is one of the best ways to help you improve your critical thinking skills.


  1. Reward yourself sometime. Over-studying can sometimes bore you and lower your concentration. Take frequent breaks, go out and play basketball, treat yourself buying new makeup, or watch your favorite episode of Stranger Things. Reward yourself as this can help you motivate on achieving on what you can do. Probably you can take a nap, just make sure you set an alarm!