National days of the week 10/10 – 10/14

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

There is a national day each and every day of the year. Here are the national days of this week.

Monday: National Handbag Day

On this day people celebrate it and  pay tribute to their collection of handbags and those they wish they could afford.

Tuesday: National Sausage Pizza Day

Pizza has become one of America’s favorite meals. In 1905, the first U.S. pizza establishment was open in New York’s Little Italy. This day is celebrated with pizza topped with plenty of sausage.

Wednesday: National Freethought Day

Freethinking is more on having one’s opinion that is different from the rest. On this day, when a person encounters issues or problems to think “outside of the box”.

Thursday: National Train Your Brain Day

This day was created to encourage everyone to expand and “exercise their brain”.

Friday: National Dessert Day

This is a day to indulge in the amazing, sweet ending to a wonderful meal.