The Confusing Friday


Hunter Rubio

The Bell schedule set for the end of every six weeks.

By Hunter Rubio, Staff Writer

Confusion, Rushing to get to classes, being tardy, all these are all of what’s going through my mind during this frustrating half day of school. How to fit all our classes lasting 25 minutes and a couple even 20 minutes long. This would have all been easier if we had just had a full day of school. Many of the students are unaware of class length and which come next. Sticking our sixth period after third and going from there causes confusion and frustration to take a abnormal path to class.

Moving on to the length of classes, it’s not a bad nor good thing. What’s the point of having classes when they’re going to be 20 to 25 minutes long? We could have just stayed home and not come to school if we were going to be here until 12:15. However, it is a good thing as well because we all get to leave school at 12:15 instead of the normal 3:30. This allows us to  go and rest, and make it out to the football game and watch George Ranch win another one.

Having to do so, allows more fans to make it out to the game instead of being tired from school. We all can agree that the confusion could have somewhat been prevented about a week ago if  the official schedule had been released a week or two ago. Next time this happens, we can all be prepared for the change in class length and schedule of classes.