Paranormal paranormal…

By Laisha Cruz, Writer

The month of the October consists of the beautiful weather and pumpkins. But there are also scary encounters that  I have gone through that are trilling to tell that make you  turn around to make sure no one is behind you…

Around the age of six I used to live in a trailer with my parents. It was a pretty small place to live in. It was also one of the most creepy and horrifying places I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Every night between 1 am and 3 am, there would be someone walking around the house. My parents were already in bed asleep. I found it so weird why someone with the sound of boots would be walking around.

I noticed there was a spirit in my house because I remember waking up and looking around to identify the noised. It wasn’t my dad, but it became a constant thing. I became very scared and started sleeping with my parents. Every night before going into my parent’s room I would close the door and lock it. Someone or something on the other side of the door would try to open the door.

The creepiest thing of all there  was a “dog”. We didn’t even have a dog. The “dog” would try to knock the door down. One night my dad heard the loud noise.  I had never told my parents about the paranormal activity because I felt like they wouldn’t believe me.

Out of all those nights my dad stayed up because he thought someone was getting into our home and trying to hurt us. He grabbed a bat and when the “dog” and this spirit that kept us up at night  tried to knock the door down, here came my dad with a big bat, but there wasn’t  anything there.

From there on my parents knew that this was something that we could not play around with, so we called a priest to put holy water in the whole house. That didn’t seem to help as every night was the same. We finally decided to move out of the house and later on as the years passed by we ended up figuring out that someone used to live in that house and practiced witchcraft.

It’s crazy to believe but I do believe that spirits live among all of us and if  humans bother them they try to hurt us.