The L.O.C. method


By Aamaya Khan, Staff Writer

Curly hair is naturally dry. There are many ways to combat this dryness, and the one described below is the L.O.C. method.

Step 1: Apply a Leave-in Conditioner (water based is best) or a Liquid to hair. The liquid can be as simple as water or a more high end product, whatever you prefer. The hair can be dry, moist, or freshly washed. I tend to do the method of freshly washed hair after its dried a bit, but everyone’s hair is different and I encourage you to experiment.

Step 2: Apply an oil. Based on the porosity of your hair and your hair’s ability to absorb moisture, different oils will work better. If you are protein sensitive or have a low porosity, I would recommend a light oil like almond oil. For normal porosity, most oil will work. Coconut, olive, and avocado oil are great for high porosity.

Step 3: Apply a cream (butter based is best). There are natural creams, like shea butter, but lots of natural hair brands have butter based creams.

Step 4 (Optional):After following all of these steps, you can style as usually or wrap up your hair for bed if you are about to go to sleep. If you don’t see any changes in the moisture levels of your hair after doing this method for a while, I would suggest switching step two and step three. You are more likely to need to do this if you have high porosity hair which I do.

I hope you decide to try out this method. Enjoy!