Best haunted houses in Texas

By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

There are plenty of haunted houses to go to during this month of October. If you are the type of person to enjoy this kind of attraction and enjoy the terror of ghosts, screaming and blood, here are some haunted houses across Texas.

The 13th floor haunted house in San Antonio; there are two houses to go to in one location. One of the haunted houses is called “Slaughterhouse” and there is mostly clowns running around with chainsaws. It’s gets pretty intense if a person is normally scared of clowns like a lot of people out there and more because of the clowns roaming around the streets scaring people. The second house is called,” Fetal Moon” this is on a cemetery that’s honestly scary because there are dead people underneath, but it makes the haunted houses more alive.

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Forth Worth is one of the top haunted houses in the nation. It has won two Guinness World Record for the largest haunted house. There are zombies from the moment you walk into the parking lot. There is  a Human Maze to explore and a bubble tunnel to get through. It is located in a old meat packing plant. One of the best special effects is making dead bodies look real as they are being cut and hung. If a person wants a real scar I would totally recommend this house.

House of Torment is located in Austin. This haunted house has three attractions – one of them, the Dawn of Evil, is based off of a virus that has spread out and infects everyone else. Zombies try to eat you so run away as fast as you can from the zombies. The Frenzy is based off of human psyche, clowns and crazy beast. Last one, but not least, is Graveside Manor which is a graveyard.

Scream World is located in Houston and it is voted number one in Houston Chronicle, There are five different houses to explore – one of them is the  swamp which is like surrounded by a bunch of skulls. Jason Slaughterhouse is just a room full of meat and meat that shouldn’t be there. The Edge of Darkness is surrounded by hospital beds, death row, boiler room and morgue. There is also a outside asylum and clowns are chasing and creeping behind you. There is a Zombie Graveyard and they are trying to eat your brains.