Looking For A Scare? A Few of Houston’s Finest Haunts!

Looking For A Scare? A Few of Houstons Finest Haunts!

Nightmare on the Bayou

Location: 1515 Studemont St Houston, TX 77007

There is nothing fake about the only haunted house in Houston that has real ghosts. It’s located next to Houston’s oldest boneyard, and employees have even reported their own haunting! Nightmare on the Bayou has been voted “Houston’s best haunted show and entertainment value” and it has been featured on the Travel Channel. For more information visit their website. http://www.nightmareonthebayou.com/


Location: 18777 Hwy 290 – Exit West Rd. Houston, TX 77065

Some like it dark and scary… Phobia provides exactly that! It offers eight haunted house attractions at one location. Phobia is sure to have something for everyone. The Darke Institute, Mind Control (Asylum), 3D Clown Phobia, Simon Fowler Woods, Claustrophobia and Dawn of the Machines can be purchased individually or as package, while Simon Fowler Woods, Darke World and Mania are a combined attraction separate from the others. For more information visit their website. http://www.darke.com/


Location: 2225 N. Sam Houston Parkway W. Houston, TX 77038

ScreamWorld has been one of the most popular Houston haunts for years. It has been voted number one in America by both The Houston Chronicle and The Houston Press from 2007 to 2012, and it has also been selected as one of America’s best haunts! There are plenty of attractions to make your money well worth the time. Which one sounds like your favorite, Skull Cave, Jake’s Slaughterhouse, Edge of Darkness, Maze of Maniacs, or Zombie Graveyard? With one building as home to five haunted attractions, you can move from one haunted house to another quite easily, and one price provides admission to all the exhibits. Cost of admission ranges from $25.00 to 35.00 for individual passes. For more information visit their website. http://www.screamworld.com/

The Haunted Trails

Location: 11500 Antoine Dr. Houston, TX 77066

“When night falls and the monsters of these woods begin to howl, you’ll enter a realm of terror you could not have imagined. Acres of mortifying scenes and unnatural creatures await eagerly to quench their undying thirst for your screams. What lurks among these trees? What sinister beings have you in their sights?” A intriguing quote mentioned on their website.

Houston’s Haunted Trails have been a popular haunted house attraction in Houston for over 10 years! This outdoor attraction will give you and your friends quite a fright night. For more information visit their website. http://www.thehauntedtrails.com/