Howdie Ms. Raley!


Kimberly Macedo Gaytan

Ms. Raley standing next to Bob the skeleton.

By Kimberly Macedo Gaytan, Staff Writer

Ms. Wendy Dawn Raley is a Forensic Science teacher and is passionate about teaching.

The Wrangler:  What sparked your interest for Forensic Science?

Raley: The CSI Effect sparked my interest in Forensic Science. The crime shows on TV made me want to look into the field more. Also, when I teach it, we cover so many topics it keeps students interested.

The Wrangler: What did you want to do before becoming a teacher?

Raley: I was in Medical sales for 19 years before teaching. In Medical sales I ended up teaching physicians and nurses about wound care.

The Wrangler: What are your favorite things about teaching Forensic Science?

Raley: I love how the students get excited about putting the science to use. Their involvement in the lab makes the information come alive.

The Wrangler: How long have you been teaching?

Raley: I’ve been teaching High School for 4 years.

The Wrangler: What did you major in while in college?

Raley: [I majored in] Biology with a Biochemistry minor.

The Wrangler: What college did you attend?

Raley: [I attended] Texas Tech University, [and] finished at [the] University of Clear Lake.

The Wrangler: If you could go back and major in something different, would you choose to follow a different path?

Raley: Absolutely not! I’ve always enjoyed science, and I get to continue learning each year. I couldn’t ask for more!

The Wrangler: Being in the Forensic field, does it ever get too overwhelming with the things you witness in crime scenes?

Raley: The field can be overwhelming. Some of the horrible acts committed by people are mind-boggling, and the unnecessary loss of life can be heartbreaking.

The Wrangler: What is the most gruesome crime scene you’ve studied, and how did you react?

Raley: It was actually in studying the “body farm” with the decomposition of bodies that got me the most.

The Wrangler: Any advice for students who are interested in becoming part of the Forensic Science field?

Raley: Study your sciences. You have to know a little of everything, and you can specialize after that.