National days of the week 11/21 – 11/25

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

There is a national day each and every day of the year. Here are the national days of this week.

Monday: National Stuffing Day

This day is celebrated at the perfect time when Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. Stuffing consists of bread crumbs, onions, celery, salt and pepper along with other spices. The first known documented stuffing recipe appeared in the roman cookbook.

Tuesday: National Cranberry Relish Day

This day is celebrated a day before national eat a cranberry day. This has believed to originate in the New England States in the early 1900’s. There are many different combinations and recipes that make up cranberry relish and every person has their favorite.

Wednesday: National Cashew Day

The cashew nut is a seed harvested from the cashew tree. The original cashew tree home was in Northeastern Brazil.

Thursday: National Day of Mourning

This day honors the native ancestors and the struggles of native people to survive today. This day is an annual protest organized since 1970.

Friday: National Day of Listening

This day is a program created by StoryCorps. In 2008, StoryCorps, launched the national day of listening as a way to encourage families to set aside and record the history of their family, community, and friends.