What the future holds for a new tomorrow

By Lashia Cruz, Staff Writer

In our current times many things revolve around technology. The majority of people have a phone, tablets, and computers. Everyday something new is being discovered or invented that is supposed to make life easier.

According to Katia Hetter from CNN,  one of the technologies involves a train that is invisible. The material it is made of is going to be hyper reflective so the train is going to blend into its surroundings, such as if there are trees and mountain outside it, the train is going to reflect them back.  The debut of this train is in 2018.

There is a new type of motorcycle that BMW is going to put into the market.  The motorcycle is going to balance you  so that you don’t have to maneuver it. Also no helmet or padding will be required for this motorcycle. Instead there is going to be a visor that is going to have a smart display. The reason why this motorcycle was built was because of the 100th anniversary of the company. It has a very futurist type of motorcycle that has never been seen before.

Since there is a lot of traveling to space, a goal of President Obama is for humans to step foot on Mars by 2030. That’s going to require new types of spacecraft to go to Mars. SpaceX announced that in April 2018  is going to send a robotic Dragon capsule into space. Scientists say that this capsule is programmed to land anywhere in the solar system.

Plastic is all around us. Scientists are working to eliminate plastic by 2025. This new product is going to be ecofriendly so it won’t damage the earth anymore. There is going to be made of cellulose-derived products which just means that fibers that come from plants and the water bottles will still feel like plastic, but just won’t be anymore.

It’s pretty crazy that everyday there is a new step into a better world and better future that will help humanity make things easier and discover amazing things in this world and not damage it.